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Who We Are

Campus Promotions (CP), a division of Student Agencies, Inc., works with local and national businesses to develop and execute marketing initiatives that capture the attention of the Cornell University student market and greater Ithaca community. We specialize in social media management, student market analytics, brand ambassador programs and strategic consulting services that improve companies’ on-campus presence. 

Campus Promotions also offers premium distribution services on the Cornell campus, throughout Collegetown, and in Downtown Ithaca to raise awareness of upcoming events, products and services, lectures, and student opportunities. 


Jillian Smerechniak

Jillian is a junior from Long Island, NY. She is in the Dyson School majoring in Applied Economics and Management, with a concentration in business analytics and minor in fashion studies. As a manager of Campus Promotions, she is working to build the company’s consulting and digital services.

Beyond Student Agencies, Jillian is VP of Diversity for Cornell Finance Club and the Fashion Director for The Wardrobe. In her free time, Jillian enjoys uncovering new fashion trends, reading memoirs, watercolor painting, and training for triathlons.


Rebecca Ramnarine

Rebecca is a junior pursuing majors in Economics and Government in the College of Arts and Sciences. As a General Manager of Campus Promotions she is excited to help grow the business and increase its digital presence. Outside of Campus Promotions, she is a part of the Cornell Consulting Group, Cornell Finance Club, and previously served as Director of Marketing for Big Red Shipping and Storage. Rebecca enjoys reading, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

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From student market analytics to social media management and brand ambassador programs, we create comprehensive marketing strategies that capture the attention of thousands of students.




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